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Audience Form

The audience is what makes or breaks the event. You must prepare accordingly for the number of people attending, through purchasing food, setting up chairs, and more. Before creating the form, you have to figure out what kind of information you'd like to collect, such as: name, attendance, age, and email. Here is a sample form:

Most form platforms have integrated storage — Google forms can automatically convert your information into a spreadsheet. Take advantage of these features to keep your information organised. 

 Task Management

There are many small tasks that contribute to the success of the event, ranging from sending emails to creating a slideshow. Each member of the team is in charge to fulfilling them in a timely fashion, making it crucial to track everyone's progress and ensure things are running smoothly. There are two main approaches: 1) delegating tasks and 2) allowing people to sign up for tasks. This depends on the type of directing you would like to do and the amount of autonomy your team prefers to have. A spreadsheet is also a good tool to track tasks. 

Find volunteers
20 volunteers required
July 14th
Book venue
Choose between the three options provided
July 6th
Create slideshow
July 14th
Create signup form
July 10th
Purchase tables
10 tables needed, try to minimize costs
July 17th
Prepare a semi-casual script for the teenage audience
July 17th
Email sponsors
Need minimum $5000 funding for event
July 4th
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