March 2021

The First CYC Session Kickoff
Students from 25+ schools join our program

June 2021

Community Service:
Youth Helping Seniors

As part of the community service pillar the CYC partnered with Mon Sheong and participated in the Fun Run competition.⁠ Students were presented with a rewarding opportunity that helped them stay active, have fun with their teams and engage within their community!⁠ As a team, Fun Run 2021 raised over $215,000 and CYC had over 150 participants, setting a new record for most members in Fun Run history. CYC had a blast and finished as the Mon Sheong

2021 Fun Run Cup Champion!

MS FunRun Cup 2021 Plaque CYC 20210707 copy.jpg

Fall 2021

December 2020

The CYC is born!

May 2021

Public Service Speaker: 
Minister of International Trade

In May, our students completed their CYC pillar on public service! They had the amazing opportunity to discuss with the Honorable Mary Ng, the Minister for International Trade and Small Business & Export Promotion.⁠ Topics included the importance of having diverse voices at the decision table and how diversity and inclusion leads to new perspectives and innovation. ⁠One piece of advice we learned from the minister is to get involved and to ask questions. You will be surprised at the number of opportunities that are out there! We look forward to having more insightful and inspiring leaders to spark more conversations in the future!

Minister Ng Event Thank you.png

August 2021

Youth Leadership Program:
Captain Training

Canadian Youth Champions is partnering with the Tangerine Straight Talkers Toastmasters Club to offer a youth leadership program to CYC members. This program is designed to help youth aged 12 to 17, improve their soft skills and confidence in public speaking. The youth leadership program will last for two weeks starting August 16th and will be held virtually through Zoom. Throughout this program, Toastmasters will deliver demo speeches corresponding to a variety of topics, including STEM, entrepreneurship, and marketing. The youth will be able to use the skills and tips learned throughout the demo speeches and apply them to their own presentations throughout their careers!

STEM & Entrepreneurship Competition:
Youth Helping Youth

In our fall program students will engage in a STEM and Entrepreneurship focused competition! In teams, students will identify a health related issue affecting young people in today's society and develop ways to address this issue. During the competition students will learn valuable skills, engage with the community and have access to a network of professionals to guide them!