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Audience Form

The audience is what makes or breaks the event. You must prepare accordingly for the number of people attending, through purchasing food, setting up chairs, and more. Before creating the form, you have to figure out what kind of information you'd like to collect, such as: name, attendance, age, and email. Here is a sample form:

Most form platforms have integrated storage — Google forms can automatically convert your information into a spreadsheet. Take advantage of these features to keep your information organised. 

 Graphic Design

In today's social media age, attention spans are low, making visually appealling posts crucial to success. This involves the use of colour, form, text, placement, and a variety of interconnected factors. It is also important to consider your audience — children might pretty brighter colours and bold text, whereas adults may like a more professional approach. The learning process takes a lot of trial and error — the best way to become a better graphic designer is creating posts yourself. Here are some examples for reference. 

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