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 The Problem

Creating a problem statement is arguably the most important part of the project as it dictates the path you take. It is crucial to narrow down the scope of your ideas to make the planning process easier. Consider some issues impacting your personal life, people in your community, and prominent global concerns when ideating. Identifying a good problem to tackle is crucial for success. Start by observing your environment, gathering feedback, and analyzing data to uncover unmet needs or pain points. A well-defined problem provides clear direction and purpose, focusing efforts on impactful solutions. Understanding the significance of the problem ensures resources are used effectively, driving innovation and meaningful change.Consider some examples of general problems:

Housing Crisis

Increase in Trash

Greenhouse Gases

Which of these would be a good specific problem?

The Stakeholders

An effective solution is one that resolves the pain points of its users, hence the importance of identifying the individuals being affected by the problem. Stakeholders bring diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources, which can enhance understanding of the problem and contribute to effective solutions. Engaging them early ensures their needs and concerns are addressed, fostering collaboration and buy-in. This leads to more comprehensive, sustainable, and accepted outcomes.Some common stakeholders would be:

  • Individuals in the community

  • Employees/employers

  • Small business owners

  • Government

  • Investors


Now it's up to you to come up with a solution. It must have a clear mission and direction, as well as room for change — a project never proceeds exactly as planned. A well-defined solution aligns efforts, resources, and strategies towards a common goal, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. It allows for measurable progress, facilitates stakeholder buy-in, and ultimately leads to the resolution of the problem, driving success and innovation.Try coming up with solutions to some of these problems:

  1. Increasing housing prices in Toronto

  2. High amounts of plastic litter in the water

  3. Overfishing in the Pacific ocean

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